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CCS Charge Controller

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The fast charge controller (hereinafter referred to as KBZ) of the CCS standard is designed to provide control of the charging session in accordance with the standards IEC61851, ISO 15118 and DIN 70121. The product is intended for use as part of a charging station.

KBZ provides:

  • receiving charging session parameters and control commands via CAN interface;
  • issuing information about the progress and parameters of the current charging session via the CAN interface;
  • digital data exchange between the electric vehicle and the DC charging station through the built-in PLC modem;
  • control of the temperature of the contacts of the charging connector by the value of the resistance of the sensor built into it;
  • control of the electromechanical locking device of the charging connector;
  • control of switching on of contactors of fast charging of an electric vehicle.


Supply voltage range: 10 to 32 V.

Current consumed from the power supply:

- in battery charging mode, no more than 0.2 A;

- in standby mode, no more than 0.12 A.

Maximum output current (open collector) for switching on fast charge contactors: no more than 0.2 A.

Maximum voltage at the output of switching on the fast charge contactors: no more than 30 V.

Communication interface with an electric vehicle / charging station: CAN 2.0B J1939.

Exchange interface with DC charging station: PLC (CP, PP, PE) in accordance with IEC61851, ISO 15118 and DIN 70121.

Charging profile in accordance with ISO 15118 / DIN 70121: DC EIM (External Identification Means).


KBZ is designed to operate at ambient temperatures from minus 40 ºС to plus 85 ºС in all macroclimatic regions, except for areas with cold and very cold climates in accordance with GOST 15150-69.

KBZ is designed for installation on any surface, both inside and outside the passenger compartment of an electric vehicle.

KBZ ensures operability under the influence of atmospheric condensed precipitation (frost and dew).

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