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Universal single-phase monoblock welding machine FORSAZH-200PA, using welding wire with a diameter of 0.6 to 1.0 mm, is designed for:

  • semi-automatic welding (MIG / MAG mode) of parts made of carbon and alloy steels
  • in the environment of inert / active gases, their mixtures;
  • in a gas-free environment with self-shielded flux-cored wires.
  • manual electric arc welding (MMA mode) with stick fusible electrodes of any brand with a diameter of 1.6 to 5.0 mm with an arc formed by direct current, adjustable in the range from 15 to 200 A.

Original circuit and technical solutions, implemented on the basis of the element base from the best foreign manufacturers, the use of the built-in 2-roller wire feeder "COOPTIM" (Hungary) for a spool with a diameter of 200 mm ensure high quality welding.

The FORSAZH-200PA inverter semiautomatic welding machine has the ability to adjust the welding parameters for a specific part, saving them in the machine's memory. This allows you to ensure high productivity of welding and good quality of the final result, as well as greatly simplify the welding process itself. Certified by RD 03-614-03 (NAKS).

The device provides stable welding properties when the mains supply voltage drops to 140 V when working with electrodes with a diameter of up to 3.0 mm and a welding wire of 0.6 mm.

Thanks to the automatic control of the fan operation, the amount of energy consumption and the ingress of dust into the welding machine is significantly reduced.

The main advantages of the FORSAZH-200PA inverter semiautomatic welding machine:

  • Versatility
  • High quality seam formation
  • The ability to carry out a long cycle of work
  • Electronic stabilization of output parameters
  • Efficiency when the supply voltage drops to 140 V
  • Low power consumption
  • Dust protection through efficient fan control

Functional capabilities of the FORSAZH-200PA semiautomatic welding machine:

  • Setting and control of welding current and voltage by digital indicators
  • Burner control modes - two-stroke and four-stroke
  • Adjustment of gas post-flow time before and after welding, arc stretching in MIG / MAG mode
  • Regulation of the rate of rise of the short-circuit current. (electronic inductance) in MIG / MAG mode
  • Reversible polarity
  • Memory storage for 4 user programs in MIG / MAG mode
  • ARC FORCE, HOTSTART, ANTISTICK functions in MMA mode
  • Storage of actual values ​​of output current and voltage
  • Automatic saving of welding inverter settings after 1 min of stable operation
  • Automatic shutdown in case of mains voltage surges
  • Automatic protection in case of overheating and in case of emergency
  • Operation from mobile power plants with a capacity of at least 14 kVA
  • TIG welding possible with a dedicated torch

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