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Three-phase welding inverter FORSAZH-315M is an industrial device designed for manual electric arc welding with electrodes up to 5 mm in diameter with the possibility of argon-arc welding with a non-consumable electrode (in TIG mode) when using a specialized torch.

The Forsazh-315M inverter is a reliable device, the high performance of which has been tested in harsh field conditions at the facilities of the oil and gas industry.

Advantages of the FORSAZH-315M welding inverter:

  • High power and performance
  • Reliability
  • The ability to perform a long cycle of work
  • Light arc ignition
  • High quality welding when using electrodes with various types of coating: basic, rutile and cellulose
  • Electronic arc stabilization
  • Increased dust protection through efficient fan control
  • Low power consumption
  • Small overall dimensions and weight

The Forsazh-315M welding inverter can be used for welding in any position. High mobility and portability of the device is ensured due to small weight and dimensions, the possibility of using long welding cables. Autonomous mobile power plants can be used as a power source. All this is an important advantage in the welding process in conditions with increased requirements for the safety of work or in the field.

The welding inverter is maximally adapted for use in the oil and gas industry, in construction and installation organizations, at shipyards, etc.

Forsazh-315M is included in the register of STO GAZPROM 2-2.2-136-2007 and is approved for use at the facilities of PJSC "GAZPROM".

Forsazh-315M welding machines are certified for compliance with the requirements of RD 03-614-03 (NAKS)

The ability to save welding parameters in program memory makes it easier to work with specific materials or parts, and also increases welding productivity while maintaining a high quality seam.

Microprocessor control and original circuit and technical solutions provide high quality welding and a wide range of functionality.


  • Digital indication of welding current and voltage
  • Possibility of power supply from autonomous mobile power generators with a capacity of 13 kVA
  • Safe open circuit voltage less than 12 V (switchable)
  • Remote control of welding current
  • Adjustment of the slope of the I - V characteristic (output volt-ampere characteristic)
  • Adjustable functions HOT START, ARC FORCE
  • ANTISTICK function
  • Adjustable pulse mode
  • Automatic saving of welding inverter settings after 1 min of stable operation
  • Saving in the memory of the welding machine 20 user programs in MMA mode and 10 programs in TIG mode
  • Automatic shutdown of the device in case of mains voltage drops and in case of emergency
  • Automatic protection in case of overheating of the device


It is possible to supply equipment in a complete set designed to work with magnetic flux compensators.

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