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Three-phase welding inverter FORSAZH-301 is an industrial device for professional manual electric arc welding with fusible stick electrodes up to 5 mm in diameter. Certified by RD 03-614-03 (NAKS).

The Forsazh-301 welding inverter is one of the newest representatives of the FORSAGE equipment for welding.

Advantages of the FORSAZH-301 inverter welding machine:

  • High power
  • Compactness (small overall dimensions and low weight)
  • Excellent welding quality (including easy ignition and electronic stabilization of the welding arc)
  • The ability to carry out a long cycle of work
  • Low power consumption
  • High reliability of the welding machine
  • Dust protection through efficient fan control

The Forsazh-301 inverter welding machine allows you to carry out professional manual electric arc welding in any spatial position with the ability to power from mobile autonomous electric generators. High mobility and portability of the FORSAGE-301 welding inverter is also ensured by its small overall dimensions, low weight and the possibility of increasing the length of welding cables up to 105 m (see Test Report) while maintaining stable welding parameters. All of these benefits are especially important when working in high-security or field conditions.

The Forsazh-301 inverter welding machine is most adapted for high-quality manual arc welding (MMA) in construction and installation organizations, housing and communal services, shipbuilding enterprises, etc. In addition, the welding inverter can be used for argon-arc welding (TIG) with a torch.

The new welding inverter inherits from the previous models of Forsazh welding equipment increased reliability, power and high productivity.

Microprocessor control and original circuit and technical solutions have made it possible to create a welding inverter with ideal properties of the welding arc and a wide range of functional capabilities.


  • Digital indicators of current and voltage
  • Remote control of welding current
  • Possibility of supply from autonomous power plants with a capacity of 20 kVA
  • Protection against power surges (automatic shutdown)
  • Overload, overheating or accident protection
  • Limiting the "no-load" voltage to Uxx <12V (for devices certified according to RD 03-614-03)
  • HOT START function for perfect arc ignition
  • ARC FORCE prevents electrode sticking
  • The "anti-stick" function (ANTISTICK) ensures the shutdown of the welding current in case of a short circuit (short circuit) and its restoration when the short circuit is removed.
  • TIG welding with torch

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