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  • Product Code: Форсаж-МПЦ02
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Provides high stability of wire feeding of various types (solid, flux-cored, self-shielded, etc.). It is used with Forsazh-302 and Forsazh-502 sources or welding machines of other manufacturers with similar parameters.

Functional features

  • Infinitely variable electrode wire feed speed
  • Stable wire feeding process
  • Quick adjustment of the mechanism for various wire diameters due to replaceable rollers
  • Ease of sealing the weld crater using stretch arc mode
  • Two-stroke control of the wire feed process (by pressing and holding the control button during the welding cycle) and four-stroke control (by briefly switching on and off the control button at the beginning and at the end of each welding cycle)
  • Small size and weight
  • Shockproof housing

Tags: Forsazh-MPTs02, welding machine, inverter, semiautomatic, wire feed