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Forsage-MPm is used as a part of a power source for semi-automatic welding of parts and assemblies made of carbon and alloy steels. Welding of materials is carried out with welding wire in an environment of inert and active gases and their mixtures. Certified by RD 03-614-03 (NAKS).

The Forsazh-MPm welding wire feeder is designed to work together with Forsazh-302 and Forsazh-502 welding machines, or other manufacturers.

Forsazh-MPm is made on the basis of a four-roller feed drive "Cooptim" (Hungary) and guarantees the stability of wire feed of various types (solid, flux-cored, self-shielded, etc.).


  • smooth adjustment of the welding wire feed speed;
  • reliability of the welding wire feeding process;
  • simplicity and convenience of welding the crater of the weld seam due to the use of the "stretch arc" mode;
  • two- and four-stroke control of the welding wire feed process.

Tags: Forsage-MPm, welding machine, inverter, semiautomatic welding machine