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The device is designed for argon-arc welding with a non-consumable tungsten electrode in inert gases with direct and alternating current and manual electric arc welding with direct current.

A wide range of special functions ensures ease and simplicity of welding, continuous operation while maintaining high quality seam. By adjusting the frequency of the current in the range from 20 to 300 Hz, it is possible to select the optimal mode of arc concentration and narrowing of the weld seam, which makes it possible to weld thin sheet materials and obtain high-quality welded joints.

Operating modes:

  • "TIG AC" - argon-arc welding with alternating current with the ability to adjust the shape and frequency of the output current, balance (the ratio of the duration of the negative pulse to the period of the output current) and the heating time of the electrode, which is necessary when welding aluminum and magnesium alloys. The sinusoidal current is ideal for jewelry welding of aluminum, and the rectangular shape gives the power and stability of the welding arc when working with thick-walled metal.
  • "TIG DC" - direct current argon arc welding. The classic type of welding in a protective argon environment. Optimal choice for working with stainless steel and copper alloys.
  • "MMA" - manual electric arc welding.
  • Microprocessor control allows you to set welding parameters for a specific material while saving user programs in the machine's memory. The presence of a pulse mode allows you to control heat input and deformation of the seam. The pilot arc mode provides stability of the welding process with current adjustment from 5 to 60 A. Thanks to the informative LCD display, it is convenient to control and monitor the settings and parameters of the welding process. The robust housing and robust design ensure long-term operation in the harshest conditions, and the ability to remotely control settings allows you to adjust settings, even being at a considerable distance from the source.


  • Contact and non-contact (built-in oscillator) arc ignition
  • Setting and control of welding current and voltage on the LCD display
  • Adjustable shielding gas time before and after welding
  • Possibility to adjust the rise and fall times of the output current
  • Automatic shutdown in case of mains voltage surges
  • Possibility of power supply from mobile power plants with a capacity of at least 25 kV • A
  • Remote control of welding current
  • Overheating, overload or accident protection
  • Memory storage of 30 user programs in TIG mode and 10 programs in MMA mode
  • Automatic saving of settings after 1 min. sustainable work
  • Adjustable pulse mode
  • Adjustable functions of HOT START, ARC FORCE, slope of I - V characteristic in MMA mode
  • ANTISTICK function in MMA mode
  • Dust protection through efficient fan control

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