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Forsazh-200 AC/DC

  • Brand: ГРПЗ
  • Product Code: Форсаж-200 АС/DC
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The best offer for welding with direct and alternating current of a wide range of materials: aluminum, aluminum alloys (TIG AC mode), parts and materials made of steel and copper alloys (TIG DC mode). The machine can also be used for MMA welding. The inverter provides excellent ignition and constant stable arc, high-quality weld, easy operation.

Functional features:

  • Contact and non-contact (built-in oscillator) arc ignition
  • Adjustable balance, frequency and waveform of welding current (in TIG AC mode)
  • Possibility to adjust the rise and fall times of the output current
  • Adjustable shielding gas time before and after welding
  • Two- and four-stroke control modes from the torch trigger
  • Possibility to purge the gas path to clean the burner hose from dust and moisture
  • Adjustable pulse mode
  • Adjustable slope of the I - V characteristic in TIG and MMA modes
  • Adjustable functions HOT START, ARC FORCE in MMA mode
  • ANTISTICK function in MMA mode
  • Memory storage for 9 user programs in TIG mode and 9 programs in MMA mode
  • Automatic shutdown in case of mains voltage surges
  • Protection against overheating of power units, overload or in case of an accident
  • Storing the actual values ​​of the output current and voltage
  • Operation from mobile power plants with a capacity of at least 13 kV • A
  • Dust protection through efficient fan control

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