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Multifunctional welding inverter FORSAZH-315AD is designed for direct current argon-arc welding of parts and materials made of steel and copper alloys and manual electric arc welding with stick electrodes with a diameter of 1.6 - 5.0 mm.

Argon-arc welding (TIG mode) is carried out with non-consumable tungsten electrodes in an inert gas environment (argon and its mixture with helium and other gases) using a filler wire with an arc formed by a constant current, adjustable from 10 to 315 A. The inverter has a pulse mode allows you to regulate heat input and control the rate of solidification of the seam, ensuring the highest quality welding.

Manual arc welding (MMA) is performed with stick fusible electrodes of any brand with a diameter of 1.6 to 5.0 mm with an arc formed by a direct current, adjustable from 20 to 315 A. An adjustable pulse mode facilitates welding in various spatial positions (vertical and ceiling seams), welding of parts of small thickness.

The Forsazh-315AD welding inverter allows you to set welding parameters for a specific material with their subsequent saving in the memory of the device. This ensures the ease of use of the inverter, high productivity and high quality welding results.

Microprocessor control and original circuit and technical solutions made it possible to achieve a high quality weld in any position, stability of the welding process and provide a wide range of functionality.

The main advantages of the FORSAZH-315AD welding inverter:

  • Possibility of contactless and contact arc ignition
  • Electronic stabilization of the welding arc current
  • High quality welding when using electrodes with different types of coating
  • Low power consumption
  • Compactness
  • Dust protection through efficient fan control
  • Functional capabilities of the FORSAZH-315AD welding inverter:
  • Setting and control of welding current and voltage by digital indicators
  • Adjustment of the rise and fall times of the welding current in TIG mode
  • Adjustment of shielding gas time before and after TIG welding
  • Adjustable pulse mode
  • PILOT ARC function (pilot arc)
  • Adjusting the slope of the output current-voltage characteristic in the MMA mode
  • Adjustable functions HOT START, ARC FORCE in MMA mode
  • ANTISTICK function in MMA mode
  • Automatic shutdown in case of mains voltage surges
  • Automatic protection in case of overheating of the device and in case of an accident
  • Remote control
  • Automatic saving of welding inverter settings after 1 min of stable operation
  • Memory for 20 user programs in TIG mode and 7 programs in MMA mode
  • Power supply from mobile power plants with a capacity of at least 20 kVA

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