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Manual arc welding

Based on the Forsazh-161, the  Forsazh-180 is also the smallest welding machine in the Forsazh line.Advantages of the Forsage-180 welding inverter:Ultra compact welding machineWarranty - 3 yearsLow power consumptionPossibility of power..
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The FORSAZH-200M inverter welding machine, implemented on the basis of the Forsazh-200 welding machine, has advanced functionality, provides stable welding properties and high productivity. Certified by RD 03-614-03 (NAKS).The Forsazh-200M welding ma..
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Three-phase welding inverter FORSAZH-301 is an industrial device for professional manual electric arc welding with fusible stick electrodes up to 5 mm in diameter. Certified by RD 03-614-03 (NAKS).The Forsazh-301 welding inverter is one of the newest..
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Three-phase welding inverter FORSAZH-315M is an industrial device designed for manual electric arc welding with electrodes up to 5 mm in diameter with the possibility of argon-arc welding with a non-consumable electrode (in TIG mode) when using a spe..
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FORSAZH-161 is the smallest inverter-type welding machine for manual arc welding with stick electrodes in the family of welding equipment of the FORSAZH trademark.Advantages of the FORSAZH-161 welding inverter:Ultra-compact and lightweight welding ma..
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Инверторный сварочный аппарат ФОРСАЖ-200 занимает верхние позиции среди аппаратов своего класса. Несмотря на небольшие размеры, сварочный инвертор для ММА сварки ФОРСАЖ-200 обладает широким набором функциональных возможностей и незаменим в услов..
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